Friday, November 11, 2011

Patience...Young Grasshopper... Clearance is Worth the Wait!!!

Patience is something that I would say I have a lot of...and at times too much...long story. Anywho, I can always hold out for something that I want to go on sale and even better...CLEARANCE!!!! I love to shop but the current state of my pocketbook puts limitations and my FUND$! So I wait and I wait and then I wait some more.

All this to say...I fell in love with the Missoni for Target collection as soon as I saw a glimpse of it in the late summer. I knew that I was not gonna rush out to purchase a piece but I did want to take a look at the collection in person. When I went to Target about two days after the collection was in the store, the pickin's were slim to none. :(

Well yesterday was my lucky day! While at Target shopping for household goods (using GREAT Target coupons that were going to expire yesterday, coupled with manufacturers' coupons) I lucked up on this baby...
Image Detail
...for the low price of...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...$11.98...original Retail Price $39.99! I was super excited! I searched the Internet to see if I could find the skirt in other places. Craigslist has the same skirt for $50 and on EBay for as high as $99.99. I must say, I really got a deal! I'll be sure to follow up with how I wear this awesome skirt!

Until the next time-

~Sally Mae~

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